CheckWise lets you easily perform and track food safety checklists in your restaurant, grocery store or food service outlet.

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Manage Checklists

All of your checklists can be created and managed from your web dashboard, then pushed down to your stores in real-time to be completed by employees.

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Track Temperatures

Monitor cold holding, hot holding, cook and cooling temperatures with a built in temperature probe. When temperatures fall out of range, prompt staff with corrective actions.

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Educate and Train

Instructional videos and graphics are accessible to employees as they complete critical food safety tasks.

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Archive and Report

Checkwise ensures all checklists are verifiable and defendable when food safety issues arise. Checklists are stored securely and can be accessed from anywhere.

How It Works


1. Setup your checklists

You can create and manage checklists for your entire organizations from the CheckWise website.

2. Share them with your locations

Checklists are then pushed down to all of your stores in real-time to be completed on the iTouch.


3. Checklists get completed

At the store, the iTouch will alert staff as to when they should complete their checklists and when they should take corrective actions.


4. Get notifications

Checkwise can send you email or SMS notifications to your phone whenever issues arise. You can comment on corrective actions that need attention.

5. Manage and track

Everything gets recorded automatically. You can view and track checklists from your web dashboard and create reports for specific days or employees.